National Trust: 575 Wandsworth Road:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby. Commission: National Trust. Spot: 30 seconds.

Nominated in two categories for the British Animation Awards: Best Commissioned Film and Best Motion Graphics.

National Trust - 575 Wandsworth Road: Film

575 is a beautiful and unique place of interior design, recently renovated by the National Trust. The fretwork began as a minor project to disguise an unsightly damp patch which grew into a life-long 20 year project for the former owner, Khadambi Asalache. The house is one of the most extraordinary, ornate fretwork interiors in Britain.

Inspired by Asalache’s love of classical ballet, pattern formations and the evolution of the house itself, I brought the interior to life to mark the re-opening of the house. Deemed of national significance, 575 has featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The New York Times and the BBC. Articles on the film have also featured on Televisual, AWN, Creative Review, Digital Arts and Director’s Notes.

National Trust: 575 by Lizzie Oxby


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