Late Noon Sun: Stage – film extracts

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Ear Cinema. Funders: The Arts Council of England. Stage: 30 minutes.

Late Noon Sun is a four screen film I made for Ear Cinema, which playfully attempts to unravel the mysterious tale of Little Mary. The full 30 minute version of the film, combines highly choreographed, integrated, live stage performances – with performers specialising in aerial work – to tell the dark story in front of a live audience. The show premiered at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) then went on to play at The Arnolfini and Shunt, London’s atmospheric underground vaults – before continuing its National and European tour.

Ear Cinema projects are led by Wajid Yaseen, who invites filmmakers to devise and create original pieces of work for live performances with rarely experienced multi-directional (ambisonic) sound. Here are some edited highlights from the film.

Late Noon Sun: Film

Making of Late Noon Sun

Late Noon Sun: A short demonstration of how the film was created for the screen with the live stage performances. 

Late Noon Sun: Above: Show film stills. Below: Development and character stills I shot for the film.