Daydreams: film

Director/writer: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby Productions. 

“Some days I pause and think about what might happen”. Daydreams is one of my ongoing projects incorporating a series of observational thoughts. My 30-second short films are made predominantly with stills, then composited and animated. Daydreams have toured France with CineRail and the Britspotting programme in Berlin, and launched the acclaimed, The Atlantic magazine’s video section. You can read The Atlantic’s article on my films HERE.

Manhattan 4.33pm: A daydream to remind me of the joys of the New York skyline.

‘Adorable’ – Sundance TV

Manhattan 4.33pm received many world-wide views having been featured on Wired, The Huffington Post, Indiewire, Gizmodo, Vimeo of the Week on Sundance.TV, Creative Review, The Village Voice, Boing Boing TV and Vimeo Staff Picks where it’s had over 290K views. It’s screened at a number of film festivals – and flown with Virgin American Airlines flights. It’s taken part in ArtFutura at the Museum of Modern Art (Rio) and toured worldwide cultural institutes, including Aarhus Centre for Contemporary Art (Denmark) and Barcelona CCCB (Spain); Nominated for the Animation Award at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, and a won the Special Prize at Raindance Film Festival’s Welcome to the Extraordinary film competition.

Coney Island 11:00am

Peckham Rye: 08:15am